Week 28 Bermuda in Black and White

The next few posts will be devoted to film shot while I was visiting Bermuda, where my daughter and her husband (and now two Bermudian born kids ) are living. It’s a very beautiful spot, although I would find it claustrophobic after any length of time. The colors of the sea there are like nothing I’ve seen anywhere else, and of course the houses are colorful and the greenery lush. So I thought I’d start by challenging myself to shoot a roll of black and white. I popped a roll of Eastman xx (iso 200) into my trusty Nikon FE with 50mm f/1.4 lens. This film is the black and white cousin to Agfa Vista 200 in my book – very versatile and forgiving.  To add to the challenge (and to make the gear light while assisting in toting around two small children and all their paraphernalia) I limited myself to this one lens for everything I shot while there.

The first series were taken on a walk around the neighborhood where my daughter lives. In the high eighties with what felt like 110% humidity it wasn’t fun, but I persevered for the sake of art.

One day we rode the ferry from Hamilton (the business center and only real city) to the Dockyards so the kids could play on the big splash pads and playground.

Photographing moving targets in blinding light with a 50mm lens is not easy. Enough said.

The Dockyards are a historic site which hold what was once an old British fort and later an Allied marine base in WWII. Now it has been converted into a tourist trap complete with swim with the Dolphins, pay to enter snorkeling beaches and touristy little shops. It is the spot where the cruise ships (Bermuda’s main tourist gateway) dock. It’s also the staging site for the upcoming Americas Cup races and a special village is being created for this. Unfortunately all the reportedly beautiful and high tech boats were gone at a race on the east coast the week I was there.

And of course the ubiquitous scooters….


A few shots from the ferry returning into Hamilton harbor .

As always these are straight from the scanners, no modifications or alteration. Stand developed in Rodinal.

The next posts will explore some of the lovely colors to be found on the island.


4 thoughts on “Week 28 Bermuda in Black and White

  1. Interesting Fact: There’s a lone Presbyterian Church on Bermuda that is a part of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.


    • Thanks. I enjoy it too. Gives things a whole different look and brings out aspects you don’t always notice in the confusion of colors.


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