Week 28: Photographers Formulary Barn

Finally caught up on my film developing last weekend. Still had six sheets to develop from my workshop at the Photographers Formulary this June. Also developed my last four rolls of 120 Tmax 100 taken on the trip there. Used my new water bath setup for all of the film allowing me to develop with all chemicals at 75 F. Its basically a plastic tub and an aquarium heaters set to 75 F.Works surprisingly well. Seems to really improve the results with Tmax. Will be posting the results over the next few weeks.

The Photographer’s Formulary in Montana has this great barn. I had intended to make a few shots, but time and the light got away from me and only make this one. Its dusk and the light is fading.





The photograph was made with my B&J 4×5 press camera, 150 mm lens, Ilford Delta Pro 100 film, developed in FA-1027 developer @ 75 F, and scanned on an Epson V700 flatbed scanner.

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