Flipped lens in an Argus TLR

I finally got around to flipping a lens in a camera.  I ran across a cheap Argus TLR like this one, and found it easy to disassemble, pop out the lens, and flip it.

There was a spacer the lens sat on that I didn’t put back after flipping the lens.  It looks like I should have left it in.  My photos are all blurry.  It didn’t look like I’d need the spacer.  Not sure what I was thinking there.

Some parts of the photos are in focus, but they are in the distance.   There IS, however, some nice circular bokeh in some of the shots.


These are not blurry from camera shake.

I’ll put the spacer back in, and try it out with some scotch tape as a ground glass, before shooting the next roll of film.

It really didn’t occur to me that it wouldn’t work.    I’ll give it another try.

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