52 Rolls Week 30:52

This week Holga goes back to the High Country.  With special ‘soft focus effects’ because I had it set on the wrong focussing range.  However, upon examination I actually like the effect.  So here goes:


Above, driving up Interstate Highway 70 going west out of Denver, CO.  A really treacherous mountain road in bad weather, mostly because people drive way to fast in the snow and rain.   Maximum elevation 11, 158 feet at the Eisenhower Tunnels. Can be closed periodically in the winter and spring by hazardous snow conditions.  CDOT has won awards for their heroic efforts to keep this road open in the winter. And occasionally there are rock falls that close the road too.


We exited just below the Eisenhower Tunnel at Georgetown, and old mining town. Below: Main Street.  We’ll come back and take a walking tour sometime soon.


An overview of the town as we head up the  Guanella Pass Road.



At the top of Guanella Pass looking east towards Mt Bierstadt (right) and the summit of Mt Evans (center left). CLICK HERE for the same view in color.  The road through the Pass is closed in winter.


A the south end of the Pass Road a little Americana………..At the Jerky Hut. And below the Road to Fairplay, located in the Real South Park (an inter-montane valley).  There is no actual town of South Park for fans of the animated show……..


Tech Info: Holga 120N, Kodak T-Max 400 developed and scanned by our friends at Old School Photo Labs.



One thought on “52 Rolls Week 30:52

  1. Good memories– Loved the one looking back down the valley–great trip– need to go back and ride the “loop”


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