Week 27 : Slide Film

I have been away so there has been no update for a couple of weeks however I shot three rolls for Holga week in July and these will be shared starting today with a roll Fuji Provia 100f and the other two in the next two updates

I am going to let the images do the talking with this one aside to make two points. Β Firstly apart from the bride shot there has been no post processing with these scans, secondly this roll has got me seriously thinking about switching to medium format film.


12 thoughts on “Week 27 : Slide Film

  1. These are beautiful. Hardly anyone shoots slide film in a Holga but look how it turns out ! Plus that’s an awesome film stock. Really, I love these.

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    • Thanks, am really pleased how these came out, am a big fan of slide film in 35mm but now a bigger fan in 120mm


  2. Great set of images these. Not a bad one in them. Love the tone and colours in the skies particularly where it contrasts with the subject matter. I moved to medium format years ago and never went back except for family holiday snaps even then if you decide on a Mamiya 6 or 7 or a Pentax 67 you can use it for that as well.


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