Week 28: Composition, Composition, Composition

As mentioned in my last post I shot 3 rolls in the Holga for Holga week.  This post is in relation to the second roll which was Kodak Ektar 100.  A film I like and have also seen great results when others have used it.

For Holga week I was keen to shoot as many rolls as possible.  During the week I only get to go out at lunchtimes from work, work permitting, so 3 rolls was quite good going.

For this roll I was a bit stretched for time and looking at the results I can tell I was concentrating more on getting the roll finished rather than the image.

This is a mistake I make too often, I must always remember it’s about the final image; composition, composition, composition



5 thoughts on “Week 28: Composition, Composition, Composition

  1. I think you are being a bit hard on yourself. There are some nice compositions here (#3 & #6 especially). That said, I also have the same problem, especially at the end of a 36 exposure roll I find I am shooting to get shots on film, rather than thinking about my composition.

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    • Thanks for saying that and yes I am being purposely hard on myself as I’m using this project to try and improve. Use 35mm myself a lot, those last 6 🙄


  2. I agree there are some nice shots here. And yes I think most of us do this, especially with 36 exposures. But I’ve tried to learn to be more patient. There’s almost never a reason why I “have to” finish the roll until I see something I truly want to shoot. (Although I don’t always follow my own advice)


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