Lester WA

Some friends and I piled into cars and we went to Lester, WA. It was a refueling point for the railroads, but when they went from coal to diesel, the town didn’t need to exist any more.  The last resident moved out in 1993.    See more photos of the town here and here.

I brought along a Zenit 11 35mm camera that I’d picked up at the annual Kent camera sale for its Helios 44-2 lens.  Christian said he’d lend me his FujiGW690, so I brought along some 120 film too.

I developed the film this morning in Diafine.  Here’s the 6×9 shots:


And here’s the 35mm from the Zenit:


I shot 4 rolls of color 120 in the 6×9 too, but that will have to wait to get sent to Citizen’s Photo in Portland for developing.


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