Week 32 concluded: Leica Colour

My last post told you about my new camera, and about Leicester and the festivals that happened at the weekend. I brought the film I mentioned with me to Poland and had it processed and scanned today. It’s the first colour film through the camera (during my ownership) and the first to be professionally processed, so I was keen to see the results…x1_40930002x1_40930007x1_40930010x1_40930013x1_40930019x1_40930025x1_40930031x1_40930027x1_40930016x1_40930014x1_40930033x1_40930035Everything seems to be good with it…


Leica M6, Summicron-M 35mm ASPH, Fujifilm C200 processed and scanned at a high-street lab in Wroclaw, Poland for the equivalent of £2.25

7 thoughts on “Week 32 concluded: Leica Colour

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