Week #32 – Lago di Garda, Italy

We went to Italy for five days.

Along with me I took my trusty Nikon EM, equipped with the one-and-only 1.8/50 Series E and together with my Ilford Craftsman 6×6. Both ladies wouldn´t have dreamt of getting there in their lives, I guess. I remember buying the Nikon way back in 1979 when I was sixteen years old. My father was with me and the local dealer praised the brand new EM over a Canon AE-1 in those days. Funny coincidence, that my first trip with the Nikon lead me to Italy, too. Closing circles….

The EM was fed with a brand new Kodak 200 and an outdated Fuji Velvia 50. The Ilford swallowed two Kodak Ektar 100. One of them, together with the Velvia went to a professional studio for development and scanning. I am still waiting for the results. The other Ektar and the Kodak 200 were developed by myself with a C-41-Kit. Some of the best of the pics comming out of it are shown here for week 32. Enjoy!



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