Corpse Flower

I and a friend went to Seattle’s Volunteer Park Conservatory and found that they had a Corpse Flower, named Dougsley.

I had a Mamiya Universal with me, and a roll of ISO 3200 film.    I wanted to see if the camera’s focus was accurate, so I was trying to shoot with a wide aperture.   The camera has f/3.5.   Unfortunately, I found that its focus is off.     I have 2 similar cameras, Mamiya Super 23s.   The focus is off on those too.   I tried adjusting the focus on those by taking off the top hood thingy, and adjusting a few screws, but I don’t think I made it much better.  Darn rangefinders.!
These Mamiya rangefinders are really fun to use, and the Universal has the added bonus of being able to take an instant (peel apart) back, but ……that’s becoming less relevant now.
Today I had a 6×7 film back.

The corpse flower is predicted to bloom in about 10 days, so a news crew was there.  They shot some video of my friend taking pictures of the flower, making sure to get the sound of her shutter clicks.



It’s harder to see unless you zoom in, but the focus is a bit behind the flower.



I wanted that flower to be in focus, but you can see that the cactus behind it is.  😦


Center should have been in focus.



Again, a bit behind.

I should just sell these on ebay, with a warning of their issues.   I have a Mamiya ground glass focusing screen for them, but even having that and trying to tweak the focus hasn’t made them better.
Other than the focusing issue though, they’re a heck of a lot of fun to use.  Very satisfying controls, and they look really neat.

2 thoughts on “Corpse Flower

  1. The plant to the left of your flower is at a stage earlier in the cycle. I should also bloom in 3-5 years depending on how old it is. We saw our local corpse flower last year at the Dener Botanical Gardens. But we missed the ‘smelliest phase’ so I was disappointed.


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