Roll 22 -Attack of the Rem-jet

So I had a phone call from AG Photographic(UK) explaining that someone had sent them a roll of C-41 that contained re-spooled motion picture stock.
Before they noticed it, my film had gone into the bath.
They were very apologetic and to be honest, what could they have done? It wasn’t their fault if some numpty re-spools some rem-jet inflicted film.
As a good will gesture they reimbursed the processing for that roll plus they scanned it for me. They use a Noritsu I couldn’t say no.
Having imported them into LR, it was obvious they were in a bad way but I did my best to clean them up.

A mixed roll from Barcelona and Majorca.

Yashica 635
Kodak Portra 400
Photoshop CC
Lightroom CC

For comparison this is what I had to deal with. This was a ‘clean’ frame.

Roll 22©AndrewGronowRoll 22©AndrewGronow-2Roll 22©AndrewGronow-3Roll 22©AndrewGronow-6Roll 22©AndrewGronow-7Roll 22©AndrewGronow-8Roll 22©AndrewGronow-9Roll 22©AndrewGronow-10Roll 22©AndrewGronow-11

Roll 22©AndrewGronow-12

The perils of a TLR

Roll 22©AndrewGronow-13

3 thoughts on “Roll 22 -Attack of the Rem-jet

  1. Lovely images! It all looks pretty good to me – that’s the advantage of a hybrid analog/digital process, I guess: you can fix such lab errors. Really love the colors of Portra 400 here, especially in the portrait. Will have to load some in my Autocord again soon…

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    • Can’t believe I didn’t consider that the parallax would produce this much flare. There was nothing in the viewfinder. Oh well.


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