52 Rolls Week 33:52

Color Film Comparison.  Something I used to do often as I searched for a replacement film for my favorite discontinued Kodak E100GX:

Now I’m venturing back into the realm of C-41 films, still searching…………We visit the Snowy Range, Wyoming.  About a 3 hour drive from my home.

The upper image is a Photoshop Merge of 3 Mamiya 7 images.  The two bottom images, a side by side comparison of two films.  One E-6 the other C-41.  I know which one I like best, even though the bluer than blue sky is not realistic.  In fact neither film is capturing the true color of the sky.  Reality is somewhere in between:

Left: Fuji Velvia 50

Right: Kodak Portra 160

Both using an 81B warming filter.

Camera: Mamiya 6X7 Rangefinder

Developed and Scanned by Old School Photolab

More Wyoming Images posted here.

4 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 33:52

  1. Choosing a color film whether E6 or C41 is really a matter of your preferred version of “reality”.There are so many variables that sometimes I just don’t even think about it but shoot whatever I have. I do really like a few specific films for their color palettes even though I know they aren’t what you would see in a digital shot.

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  2. Well the Portra is definitely disappointing. Seems to be an overall warm cast. I wonder how it looks if the white point is corrected?


  3. I like the idea of a preferred version of reality. So I’ll run with that. My reality is chrome film for color. When the last one is gone, I’ll stop using color film.


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