Week 29: Gotta have Coffee

This week I shot a roll of Fuji Pro400h in the Holga.  It was a particularly bright day so 400iso was a bit to strong.  It was already loaded from a few days before so I didn’t really have a choice.

I decided to try a theme this week and the theme was Coffee.  I ordered myself a double espresso and thought about where I wanted to take pictures to show you all



Now I am a tea drinker on a daily basis, so only have coffee now and again.  If I do have coffee it has to be a good full flavoured roast and I take it black with no sugar (biscuits and chocolates not included)

I don’t really like the coffee served in the chain coffee shops


Luckily in the UK now there is a big coffee culture with many independent shops serving good quality coffee and really nice treats and breakfasts to go with them.  The one below is called Grace and is near my office, it also serves the best Sausage rolls in the city.


The one below here also near where I work is run by some Italian ladies and the coffee is good as are the brownies and other food treats they have on offer.



There are a couple of others near me, one I never go to as the coffee is far too strong for me




Then there are the ‘lets pretend we are independent but obviously backed up by a corporation or franchise’ shops


Anyhow, hope you enjoyed the little coffee tour, not my best images but this project is about sharing the journey.  My cup is empty now so I will bid you all a farewell


10 thoughts on “Week 29: Gotta have Coffee

  1. Hm, thanks for this, I may have an idea now for an upcoming week on the project! (Which Ironically I’ve already titled “Saturday Morning Coffee”

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  2. Fun theme! I wish I had thought of it when in Iceland, where they REALLY love their coffee and the only thing I saw even approaching a chain was one with two outlets. Guess I’ll have to head back there soon to do that 🙂

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