Week 31 – Original Agfa Vista 200 expired

52 Rolls - week 31--7This weeks roll has been in my Nikon FE2 for quite a while but I did finish it in week 31.

A few months ago a photographer friend gave me a bag full of expired film that he was given by a friend who did not know how it had been stored so there was no guarantee what sort of images they would provide.

I was happy to take it and slowly I have been using it, some I have shot and processed in B&W chemistry and have had pretty nice results while others I have had lab processed and to be honest I have not had a bad roll … Yet 🙂

52 Rolls - week 31--2This roll was some original Agfa Vista 200 that expired in 2008 (I think) and I shot it at 100 iso and also did some exposure compensation on a few of the frames to just incase the film had lost a bit of its sensitivity.

As usual the roll was processed and scanned by http://www.filmdev.co.uk/ who did a great job.52 Rolls - week 31--12I don’t know if this emulsion is the same as the New Poundland version but it seems a bit different when comparing scans that I have from previous films, this has a much more smooth grain and warmer over all colours by comparision.52 Rolls - week 31--11I am amazed that this film performs so well, maybe it was cold stored previously as none of the rolls I have shot so far have not had any problems.52 Rolls - week 31--9 52 Rolls - week 31--8 52 Rolls - week 31--6 52 Rolls - week 31-Another good thing is that all the rolls that I was given are 36 exposure too 🙂

I did manage to buy 2 bricks of 36 from Poundland last year before they only started selling the 24 exposures only.

I must admit I really like shooting this film it does give a nice image especially when scanned by a pro lab, I really struggle getting any consistency when scanning colour negs.52 Rolls - week 31--5 52 Rolls - week 31--4 52 Rolls - week 31--352 Rolls - week 31--10


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