52 Rolls Week 34:52


Another visit to the Foothills of the Front Range.  Above is the Gross Dam & Reservoir, completed in 1954 and filled in 1955. One of many smaller reservoirs on the east side of the Continental Divide.  This image is a Photomerge of two Holga images.

Part of the Denver Water System, established in 1918, because they understood then that water was going to be an issue in the future.  Beginning a century ago the City of Denver started buying watersheds in the Mountains.  The foundation for the Denver Mountain Parks, but now more extensive and far reaching.  The Denver Water holdings extend across the Continental Divide; pumped back through the Front Range to the City through a system of water tunnels.

Today some of that water is shared back to the residents where it originates.  Water is a very complicated political and social issue in the Western U.S..  So lets leave it that sordid story behind and just enjoy the views.


A great place for Fisher Folks………and at capacity.  Holding back the water from the Spring snow melt.


But no grilling allowed, as a drought in the Foot Hills results in a Fire Ban for Boulder County……All grills taped shut by the Sheriff.


And no viewing from the Dam.  This was probably open to the public before 9/11.



A final Panorama Photomerge of 3 images….shot into the sun, so very dark.  Holga has limited exposure control.  But I liked the result.

Tech Info:  Holga 120N with orange Holga contrast filter, Kodak T-MAX 400, developed and scanned by OldSchool Photo Lab.

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