[raulpc] week 33 – Delta 100 forever!

There are not many things that make me sad, but there is one thing that makes me really sad: it’s when an emulsion goes out of production! Like a friend leaving, or going away forever or into heavens… Over the years I saw some of those friends leaving and emulsions too, for example, Kodak Chromes… the sense of loss is enormous, irreplaceable, painful…

This is to say that I cannot imagine being without Delta 100… Because these films and emulsions are our life, each one has its own characteristics and personality, they are our reason to live, they are the reason for out cameras to exist…

So here it is once again this week more Delta 100, my faithful companion!

(with the Rollei 6006 with 80mm lens, developed in PMK)


7 thoughts on “[raulpc] week 33 – Delta 100 forever!

  1. I didn’t know it was being discontinued. I just bought 20 rolls from B&H, (USA). Or did I just misread this? Ilford has shown themselves to be one of the few film companies with courage.


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