52 Rolls Week 35:52

Some experiments this week with film type, expired film, exposure and Photoshop HDR.

Not a fan of the Expired Film Movement…..I like to know what my results will be.  But two rolls of Ilford SFX-200 (Infrared Sensitive) have been knocking around in my camera backpack for a while.  So I decided to use then and be done with it.  Only 2 years expired.

Since I wasn’t expecting anything special, I also did some exposure testing for that ‘satin water’ effect that is also in vogue:

SFX-200, f/22, 1 second: Shadows too dark



SFX-200, f/22, 2 seconds: Better balance.  Probably the negative I would work with in the Darkroom.


SFX-200, f/22, 4 seconds:  Blown out.


Then I decided to Play with Photoshop HDR, combining the 2s and 4s exposures.  Something I’d never done, with the following Result:


Finally a dramatic cloud seen along the road and  more of scenes from Mirror Lake, which we saw in color for Week 33:


Tech Info:  Ilford SFX-200, Dark Red Filter, Mamiya 6X7, developed and scanned by Old School Photo Lab.



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