Instax and Impossible at Burning Man

I shot some Instax Wide and Impossible film at Burning Man this year.    I left the Land camera home at the last second.   (I brought too many cameras anyway).

Last year I started doing a project using an idea I borrowed off a Seattle guy whose pictures I saw on Instagram.   I meant to do lots more of these, but only managed a few.  😦
I really like the idea of including a portrait of the person but showing the details of their hands and clothing.

For the Impossible film, Kate sold me some pre-production “poor packs” she got from Impossible.   Some failed, but many turned out just fine.   Their texture made them some of my favorite photos of the event.


One of the other photographers on the documentation team.


I wish I had more than a pack & a half of this stuff.  Next year, I’ll bring a bunch, despite the cost of Impossible film.


8 thoughts on “Instax and Impossible at Burning Man

  1. I really like the Instax Wide compositions! The details of people at Burning Man are always interesting as well. I’m surprised at how clean some of their hands are, haha!

    I saw lots of disposable cameras this year! I wish I had brought along more myself because I really wanted to leave one tied up someplace for people to shoot photos and come back to claim later. I can def identify with taking along too many cameras & not enough film. Wish I had run into you at Burning Man!! Perhaps another year 🙂 I always like to keep my eyes open for other people shooting with film!

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