Week 34: On the couch (or stuck in front of the computer)

Unfortunately this week my holidays came prematurely to an end: I had to return to the office to do some work. So I didn’t have so much time to take photographs. Over the course of the week, I shot around a roll and a half around town, but this photograph is about the only one worth reporting here, and it is not even strictly in week 34:


On the couch…

You see, I was at the butcher’s shop and saw these guys outside moving furniture around outside.  Luckily I had my Leica with me…

Here are my previous posts on 52rolls.

Technical notes:  this one is a taken with a Leica M6 with a Summicron-M 50mm. Film is HP5+ developed in HC110 dil. H @ 11 mins.



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