Week 32: Atomic X film Test

This week I spent some time trying out a new 4×5 sheet film made by New55 Film called Atomic-X. Its an ISO 100 4×5 Panchromatic Sheet Film similar to the old Kodak Plus-X. They claim that it is a new formula designed to behave like the old film. I was interested in trying this film because Plus-X was the first film I ever used in the 70’s, and New55 is offering ready loads of the Atomic-X film.


I’m pretty happy with the results. There is a good tonal range with good blacks.

I exposed these shots at a EI 64, and processed the film in Clayton F76+ developer as one would Kodak Plus-X. In earlier tests, I felt that the negatives could use more contrast, so for these shots I developed 20% longer than the standard development time listed for Plus-X.

2 thoughts on “Week 32: Atomic X film Test

  1. Big fan of Atomic-X, as I would say, the tones of Plus-X, the Grain Structure of TMax 100 and the fine grain structure of Panatomic-X! I have a box of 25 sheets I really need to break out and shoot!


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