Week 33: Drowned Tree Trunk

Found this tree trunk in the shallows of Holland Lake in north western Montana.

This image was made while attending a B&W film photography workshop hosted by the Photographers Formulary. In hindsight I should have shot from a lower angle to pull the roots of the tree closer to the reflection of the forest.


Image made with a Mamiya 6, 50 mm wide angle lens, orange filter, on Kodak Tmax 100 120 roll film. Hand processed with FA 1027 in a SP-445 4×5 tank.

5 thoughts on “Week 33: Drowned Tree Trunk

  1. Stunning! FA-1027 is pretty magic, I’ve had good luck with almost all the films I’ve developed in it. Only Pan F seems to not like the developer.


    • I’ve tried it on Atomic X, Ilford Delta 100, and Kodak TMAX 100. Been very happy all the way around. What was the problem when you processed Pan F?


      • it was dark, under developed, the time given on massive dev was off. I may get a roll just to try giving it another 30″ on the time.


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