Pinhole at Burning Man

I shot a few pinhole rolls at Burning Man using the Zero Image 4×5 and a 120 Graflex “23” adapter on the back.
I really like the wide angle that the 4×5 gives, because the pinhole is so close to the film.  But that produces some pretty extreme vignetting.  Even when shooting with a 120 back.  Visualize a much less cropped image, with almost black edges.

I shot all these in daytime, with an exposure time of about 3 or 4 seconds.   Pinhole Assist recommended just 1 or 2 seconds, but overexposing doesn’t hurt when shooting C41.   The film was Ektar 100.


Looking up inside the temple


The temple


Space Whale & calf was a metal structure with stained glass. The hammock was not part of the original piece.


Notice the person for scale.



Looking straight up inside a cube-shaped structure. I adjusted white balance toward blue.

Well I didn’t shoot as much as I wanted – only 2 rolls.   Maybe I brought too many cameras to shoot any very much.  Still, so glad I brought this one.

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