Week 33 – Experimenting with Cross Processing

52-rolls-week-33-018I have quite a bit of slide film in both 120 and 35mm in my film fridge and as most of it has expired I have embarked on a sort of project where I and going to cross process most of it over the next few months.52-rolls-week-33-013I bought a C41 processing kit and so far I have shot 4 rolls, this is the 1st offering.

52-rolls-week-33-007It is Fuji Velvia RVP 100 that was shot on my Mamiya 645 and 45mm f2.8

I developed the roll using the alternative dev process of 30 degrees rather than 38 degrees as I find I get a more consistent and even development.

I did notice a slight magenta edge to some of the frames that I didn’t get when processing C41 film so I am not sure what is the cause whether its the expired film or the way I have been developing?52-rolls-week-33-003 52-rolls-week-33The worse thing for me when processing my own colour film be it C41 or slide is the scanning, I really struggle to get any sort of consistency in colours.

I know when cross processing that the colours are going to be off a bit but as this roll shows the look of the images varies a lot, I could mess around in Lightroom and get some sort of a match but that feels like cheating really.52-rolls-week-33-019 52-rolls-week-33-015 52-rolls-week-33-011I must admit it is fun shooting slide and cross processing as I have absolutely no idea what I will end up with … Good/Bad

All in all I am not blown away with this roll there are 1 or 2 keepers but that’s how it goes  🙂 52-rolls-week-33-010 52-rolls-week-33-009 52-rolls-week-33-004 52-rolls-week-33-3 52-rolls-week-33-2What I did find was that Velvia looks better in bright light rather than flat light just like it would if processed correctly, I looks quite cold when shot in shade which isn’t a shock really 🙂

The next roll up will be some Fuji Provia 400F

Thanks for looking…..

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