Week One, Intro

providence-cityscapeelectric-planthaving-a-beerThis is my first image for the 52 Rolls project.  So an intro is in order.  I started in photography shortly after October 26, 2009 the day my beautiful daughter Victoria succumbed in my arms to the swine flu.  Photography was a means to escape from intense grief and it remains as such today.  When I am looking through the lens nothing else matters.  I began with a Nikon D40 then moved through the Nikon lineup all the way to the D800.  I started riding a motorcycle, another means of escape, and the Nikon kit was just too big and heavy.  So I migrated to the Fuji system and it has been enjoyable.  But eh images from digital had a perfection that did not evince the feelings I wanted to express.  So I began the journey with film in the last few years.  I am just finishing a Project 365 year and my images slowly evolved largely to film based ones.   I have many vintage film cameras and while not exactly on point with the intent of one camera one film one lens my hope is to exercise with and learn from different cameras and films and from others participating in this project.  If this is not in line, I’ll stick to one one one.  Feedback is appreciated.  So without further adieu, my first image.  I took this with a Voigtlander Bessa I folding camera, Fuji 400ProH film.  Developed at home in Unicolor C-41.  I captured these two guys sitting by the water having a beer.  Nothing special but being able to reproduce light with such a beautiful old camera is the ticket for me.  Other images added from this camera as taken and developed this week.  At F 5.6 the old Bessa is a bit soft around the edges.  I’ll try smaller apertures but will need a tripod as fastest shutter speed is 250.  Week one is finished.  The takeaway is this camera is a hard one to shoot.  Zone focusing only and a miniscule viewfinder, not rangefinder coupled.  Still a fun first week…fountainri-statehouse

14 thoughts on “Week One, Intro

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  2. Welcome….glad you have found the Film World more rewarding. I agree that digital is too crisp and ‘perfect’.


  3. Hi Louis, I was out of town when you first posted and have been poking around in the missed posts and just found this. You will have seen that one of anything, other than one roll of film each week, is not mandatory. And I break the one roll a week ‘rule’ sometimes, either with lots of rolls, or a week missed due to work commitments. No one has complained yet! I am enjoying the images you have been posting since this one as I struggle to catch up with my 2016 posts.


    • Just make sure you don’t break the “rule” too often! 😛 Nah, don’t worry. As long as you’re shooting most weeks I’m fine with it. Heck, even taking a break and then coming back is no problem.

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      • Ha! I was just inviting a complaint wasn’t I, even with a :P. Well, we all do the best we can. I’d rather finish with a couple of gaps than abandon it. And, it is nice to share my photos with this community.


          • Nor could I 🙂 It _was_ clear to me.
            Even so, it is nice to have some guidance and really basic structure to a project like this, as can be seen by the “rules” that people impose on themselves, like one camera, or one film, etc. My rule is to basically share what I am doing already which is to explore a variety of cameras that come into my hands one way or another, and to learn more about shooting film in the doing. The great thing for me is that my film shooting has gone way up (at least tripled, perhaps even quadrupled by the end of this year) compared to the 26 or so rolls I shot the year before I joined 52 Rolls. So that is good for me, and the sellers of film as well.

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    • The nickname makes a public appearance. One of my favourite bloggers, Photobooth Journal, calls me Mr. E, but for quite a while when I first started blogging some people were unsure of my gender and I would be referred to by female pronouns. I quite liked that, it was interesting and liberating to be gender neutral in interactions with other people.


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