Week 32 The Commie under the bed

I was raised during a time when Soviets were the bad guys. They were the monster lurking under the bed or behind the closet door. Because I believe in giving everyone a second chance (even monsters),  I decided to give the Zenit another chance. The last failed effort with the Zenit I chalked up to operator error (Week 18). So…I finally figured out how to load up the film properly so it would advance, and went out and shot another roll. Imagine my surprise when I again got nothing – but a different kind of nothing. This time the film advanced just fine but the shutter issue I thought I had fixed before that original roll was still there. I am not willing to spend money fixing this, and not handy enough to do it myself, as I think I’ve adequately demonstrated. This little camera is a beauty but not much help around the house. If anyone wants to give it a good home for the cost of postage let me know. Otherwise, it will be stored in a box under the bed, not exactly scary, but still lurking. Grrrr.


12 thoughts on “Week 32 The Commie under the bed

  1. A shame, it’s quite a fetching camera! I like how you literally posted a picture of the unexposed roll. This is kind of what this project is all about, experiments and successes. And failures, too.


  2. Oh help…I love my Zenit-E so far but I’m only just about to dev the first two rolls (I think I spoilt the first one of those two as well). It is a blooming tricky beast.


  3. We rescued a ‘Kalimar Wide-X from the trash. One of my husband’s colleagues was retiring and set it out free to a good home. That’s my only experience with a Soviet era camera…….It works sort of……very hard to load properly. Maybe that’s why your film didn’t expose?


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