Week 35: The last days of summer…

Hi folks ! I don’t make an attempts at originality in this post: more photographs from my wanderings around Paris. I promise I will go on a trip soon :-). I include one photograph taken with the little point-and-shoot my friend has loaned me, loaded with FP4+, which as Mr. Emulsive has suggested, is indeed a very fine film. It is much nicer than TMAX…

So here are a selection of images from this week!



Here are my previous posts on 52rolls.

Technical notes:  Cameras: a Leica M6 with a Summicron-M 50mm, and a point-and-shoot. Film is HP5/FP4+ developed in HC110 dil. H/B @ 11/7 mins.


2 thoughts on “Week 35: The last days of summer…

    • Indeed ! The first time I tried it though (geeky stuff coming up) I tried for nine minutes in HC110, like it says on the ilford data sheet, and it was horribly overdeveloped. Backing off to 7mins is much nicer. But now the problem is that the summer is over :-(.


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