52 Rolls Week 36:52

Lazy me….I have several rolls here but have not developed them or mailed them to my Photo Lab……So What to Post?  Then I realized I had never shared the color 35mm from Garnet, Montana.  So why not now?  Revisit Garnet in B&W.

Let’s start with something cute….The Honeymoon Cabin.  Reserved for newly arrived couples to encourage men to bring wives with them (there being a big shortage of women out west). Newlyweds were given free lodging until they could build their own cabin. I especially liked the lace curtain blowing through the window.


Redux of the Hotel…….For interiors see the B&W images.

The Hotel was one of the largest and best preserved building,

while some cabins had seen better days…..


We also took a tour of the mining area near town.  Littered with the Flotsam and Jetsam of Mining activities…..


And two types on mine entrances: Mine Shafts ( Left-vertical) and Adits (Right-horizontal):

Along with Sluice  Ditches and random chains…etc


And the Ever Present Out House….many of which remained in tact here:

Tech Info:  Minolta XD-11, Tamron 28-200 Zoom lens, Kodak Portra 400, Developed and scanned by Old School Photo Lab.

2 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 36:52

  1. Yes it is! We arrived very late in the day, but wandered through the mining tour, and decided to go back for a second day to catch better light and focus on B&W.


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