Week 36.1 Autumn light, traffic surveillance, FP4

This week – a chance to get out a little more but not much. Now, the sun is still shining brightly, but it’s lower on the horizon, and the leaves are starting to turn. We spent an evening with some friends on the banks of the seine in the center of Paris. The passing boats provided enough light to take a few pictures of my friends. In week 36 and 37 I tried five different films, which was a nightmare to develop (four developing sessions). I have less time now, so I really need to reduce the number of films. And there will even be a second post this week with (gasp) colour film


And here are some photographs from our evening on the Seine:


I also ordered a brick of Bellamy Hunt’s “Street Pan” film, because, hey, we need to to support film, right? I was curious. Traffic surveillance film? Here it is, on the street. It arrived from Tokyo in less than a week, thanks Bellamy. It is an interesting film, unlike anything I have tested so far. I will have a few photographs next week.


Street pan on the street

Finally, I was testing some Fp4 again in my point-and-shoot. Coincidentally, that overlapped with the “FP4Party” over at Emulsive, which is where I discovered this film. Here is one photograph:


Crossing the street, St. Germain Paris.

It’s definitely my favourite low-speed film now. I won’t be buying any more TMAX…

That’s it. Next post: colour.

Here are my previous posts on 52rolls.

Technical notes: Cameras: a Leica M6 with a Summicron-M 50mm, and a point-and-shoot. Film is TriX/FP4+ developed in HC110 dil. B @ 6/7 mins.


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