Week 22 (yeah, I know) – Denmark. Holga Meg Diana+

My family is very varied.  Some folk never venture far from home.  Others decide that they’re going to get as far away from it as possible.  I was talking to perhaps the most wayward member of my family in my Grandma’s flat one afternoon when I said “Well, next time you’re in Europe, give me a yell and I’ll hop on a plane”.  And she yelled.  And I did.

So it came to pass that after a hastily rejigged departure following a flight cancellation, I left the newly bolted together house mamil still sweating off post operative drugs in the care of my laziest youngest offspring, and got into a cab, caught a train to Luton, an airport bus, a plane to Denmark (the Teenagers’s first flight and only my third), took the Metro into Copenhagen, and another train out to Odense.  Heather was located at the top of an elevator, and we all got on the bus to her digs.

The main aim was to catch up with digital photos – so there’s only one from Odense here.  The whole country is so utterly tidy and there are safe cycle lanes right out into the middle of nowhere.  And they’re not kidding when they say it’s flat.  Seriously, even I can ride a bike there for miles and miles.  You’ve got to be a maniac to ride one in the UK in comparison.  I did when I got back – that’s been filed under Not Fun.

This flat, well kept country was potentially quite uninteresting for me as I like the slightly messier asides – but with the help of the Uni staff we did find some run down areas.  However, this was spotted by my son just metres from Heather’s extremely pleasant Ikea infested digs.  We spent a lovely time in the drizzle with the wild horses getting this snap.


After three days it was time to let Heather do some work and for her partner, Mark, to head off on even wilder travels with the tiniest lightest camping kit ever, so we headed to Copenhagen for a day and a bit, staying with a 20-something over tall volleyball enthusiast named Rasmus, who rented out a painfully cool room on Air BnB.  We wandered out on the first day to explore…you’ll notice from the overlapped photos that the Holga was set to the wrong exposure option.  16, rather than 12.  I suspect Teenager involvement (I borrowed his Holga later and it was set wrong), but I don’t have a film mask for this camera so I guess it doesn’t really matter.


The second day was spent in the National Museum of Photography, the Design Museum, and the National Gallery of Denmark so there wasn’t much time for photos.  Besides, the Teenager’s patience was stretched enough as it was by the time we hit the modern art that he staged a sit in (I may have left him in front of one of the more out-there exhibits on purpose) and I had to call in an emergency all you can eat buffet stop at Riz Raz.  He was a bit rancid during the refuelling process but we survived.

We both really liked Denmark, despite us still coming quite seriously unstuck with two cancelled trains along the way and we were rather naffed off to be back in the UK.  But we headed out to the ‘the pits’ for a wander soon afterwards – well, we needed to finish the film, catch pokemon and eat ice cream.  I think we’ve adapted again now to our comparatively under funded over populated environment.  It’s a lot less relaxing, bit infinitely more varied.

And we’re planning our next trip. California/Nevada/Utah, I’m told…2019. I hope we do it.


Technical shit:

I really have very little idea.  It was ages ago.  Bear with me!  I know I used Digibase C-41 Ready to use pre diluted softpacks.  The temp was 25 as it was such a hot weekend and after I following the 21 temp instructions earlier in the day I followed the instructions for the 25 temp…but I’m not sure it was the best idea.  Another film in the same canister was less than impressive – but it was probably just way too out of date.

9 thoughts on “Week 22 (yeah, I know) – Denmark. Holga Meg Diana+

  1. Oh PLEASE come to California. Although there’s so much of it you kind of have to choose, or have a ton of time. Utah….meh. Some lovely canyons but hot and full of Mormons. Also if you’re expecting vegetation you’ll be seriously disappointed Same for Nevada. Except of course I guess everyone has to experience the hateful Las Vegas once Seriously my least favorite city anywhere in the universe But that’s just me.
    P.S. I love that you took messy pics of such a very neat place 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • I would LOVE to come! But need my lad to be able to drive first – or some other poor soul to agree to spend a heck of a lot of time exploring with me! Theoretically, I can work remotely for a while…

      And thank you – making Denmark look less than utterly desirable was a hard job but I had to do it 😉


  2. Honestly, the idea of traveling around part of the US I mostly know well, and some of which I hate, with a person who’ s never been there has a twisted appeal to me.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Seriously? Well, I see what you mean so it may well happen one day! So far I’ve only gone 300 miles to meet a fellow photographer I know only from Twitter, but I dare say I could stretch it a bit further 😉 Same goes for visiting the UK should it ever take your fancy.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m actually contemplating a trip in the next year or two. I have several photo acquaintances scattered about, plus I met the nicest couple at Machu Picchu two years ago who live in Birmingham and keep asking me to visit.

        Liked by 2 people

        • Cool. I’m close enough to Birmingham 🙂 I wouldn’t recommend Leicester but from there I can show you around the Derbyshire Peak District. I might even have got the sofa bed out of it’s packaging by then!


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