Week 33:Slide in the City

Week 31 & Week 32 got skipped, for a few reasons.  But last week to make the most of the last days of summer, I thought I would try some more slide film namely Provia 100f.

The results are not quite as good as last time, I guess because the light was not quite as bright as before, that said, this is still a favourite film of mine.

I now have a dilemma, those of you that read regularly know my trials & tribulations with the Holga, but also my determination to stick with it, bar the odd special week.  I have just got myself a Yashica Mat 124G & need to learn how to use it, so am thinking of using  it for the remaining weeks of my 52rolls, but feel I will be going against my original premise thus will need to make a decision soon.

Anyway, enjoy (hopefully) the pictures

5 thoughts on “Week 33:Slide in the City

  1. I say do what you want. Pirate rules. The Yashica takes awesome pictures. You may love it. I ended up not loving mine because it was such a box. But there’s no doubt it will seduce you away from the Holga.

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