nikon-f-5nikon-f-6nikon-f-17A great friend Nancy Securo Gibbemeyer gave me a beautiful Nikon F on an evening we attended a talk at the Photgraphic Society of RI.  It has its original 50mm F 1.4 lens mounted.  It is a beautiful camera and weighs A TON!  The lens must be coupled to the aperture, the prongs from the lens are coupled to a lever on the head and then the aperture ring is spun to both extremes completing the job.  The camera is in good shape, shutter speeds seem good.  The lens has quite a bit of scratching and this showed up in the images resulting in the need to do some clean up in Lightroom.  I shot these images on the way at a roadside stand and later at the destination, Fogland Beach in Little Compton RI using Portra 400 speed film metered to 200.  It was approaching dusk.  Little Compton is the place I go when I am feeling down or just to get away.  It is a beautiful place and I have only scratched the surface of the many great places to shoot.  The shore is pristine.  Some folks were shellfishing on the beach.  Two women were enjoying a bottle of wine in the dunes.  They are shown in one of the landscapes.  This was my first roll with the camera and I struggled a bit with focusing as seen.  I forgot to bring my light meter, I can’t trust the built in meter, so I made do as best I could using the meter on my Iphone.  I truly enjoyed shooting this piece of camera history and so thankful for Nancy’s kind gesture.  nikon-f-4nikon-f-5nikon-f-6nikon-f-7nikon-f-8nikon-f-9nikon-f-12nikon-f-13nikon-f-14nikon-f-15nikon-f-16nikon-f-19redtable

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