52 Rolls Week 37:52

I’ve let an extra week go by as we are caught up in the throes of home renovations.  I post more about that later……

This week’s subject takes us to Como, for the Boreas Pass Railway Festival.  Below, the best exposure, because there was a hitch……


My trusty Canonet was on the wrong setting…….So all my exposures were 1/60 sec (I thought it was on Auto) on a very bright sunny day….Result, lots of grain.


But I’m not afraid of Grain……So here we go:


The recently restore Railway Station.  The Denver, South Park & Pacific Railway operated this line between Breckenridge and Como started construction in 1882, and operated until 1937.  The Boreas Pass Route started as a trail for early gold prospectors. Evolving into a wagon road and then a narrow gauge railroad as it served the Mining Industry.  W’ell visit the current Boreas Pass Road in our next posting…….

Scenes around Como, Colorado.


The Gem of Como, is the Roundhouse. A Roundhouse is a maintenance ‘garage’ for Steam Locomotive (which required constant upkeep).  Above you can see the base of the turn table in the foreground, which was used to direct engines into the repair bays.  Below the turn table mechanism.  The Roundhouse is currently being restored and the turn table will be reconstructed.



More views of the Roundhouse.


And my tribute to the ever present western Outhouse.


Tech Info: Canonet G III-QL Rangefinder, Ilford Delta 400 (over exposed).  Developed and scanned by Old School Photo Lab.

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