Instax Wide at a wedding

I like the Lomo Instax Wide because it does bulb mode, and multiple exposures.   Lomo beat Fuji to those features in their camera.   Fuji should have included them a long time ago, like they did in the Instax Mini 90 already.

However, the Lomo Instax has a sliding focus, and I miss focus on a lot of shots.   I’m just a bad judge of distance, I guess.   I try to do it correctly every time.   Fuji’s Instax wide cameras have just 2 focus settings.   .9m-3m, and 3m-infinity.    My shots are in focus a lot more often.
I tend to shoot people within a few meters of me.    The Lomo’s focus ring has 3 marks on it, .9m, 1-2m, and INF.     Almost half my shots are a bit out of focus.  😦
I think I’ll only use this camera when I really want to do bulb or multiple exposures, falling back to the Instax 300 for regular shooting.

Anyhow, here’s some shots from the weekend.



Enter a caption


Overexposed double exposure



Clown shoes and her panda onsie



I got this one only after adjusting exposure down a stop.



Dusk made a longer exposure, but I like the shakiness


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