4/52 Adox Silvermax

This week I decided to try Adox Silvermax 100 film.  It is supposed to have great dynamic range.  I developed it in the dedicated Silvermax soup.  I am pretty impressed by the film.  It is very fine grained and holds detail all along the black and white spectrum.  I shot these with my Nikon FE2 a camera that I love.  It is hefty and true.  The camera’s meter was relied upon.  I shot the film at EI 100.  I think it would stand being shot at 80 and maybe 50 just fine.  I used a 50mm F 1.4 lens.  The majority of the shots were taken on one of my favorite shooting places, Wickenden Street in Providence.  There are lots of funky sidewalk displays, windows and people.  I love the Coffee Exchange that is a Providence institution. The FE2 is good for taking candids indoors, I estimate focus using the depth of field scale, put the aperture on “automatic” and use the self-timer.  It allows taking candids without looking like a voyeur.  It’s hit and miss though.  So the end take is I really like this film and have 5 more rolls to shoot and I’ll shoot another one soon.  Next week’s post will be a collaborative one.  My daughters asked to go on a film shoot with me, what a thrill.  They are bringing a few friends who will join in.  This gives weak justification to my perplexed wife for my evolving collection of film cameras and film stocks.  I look forward to this on Monday very much.  There is a picture with a hanging guitar.  To the right of it is a painting of Kramer from Seinfeld that has a “for rent” sign on it.  Kramer was a classic.

6 thoughts on “4/52 Adox Silvermax

  1. Tim it sure does…I did not edit the images in Lightroom. However the process of scanning inevitably results in some changes. Silverfast does not have a film simulation for Silvermax so I used 125 speed film for it. Either way the highlights retain in scenes with large tonal range very well. The frame numbers are on the left side of the film, must be a European thing! Thank you for the comment.


  2. I really like the way these look. Great dynamic range, as you mentioned. I have a couple rolls languishing about in my very full fridge drawer. Perhaps I need to go out and use one, especially since I also love shooting with a Nikon FE.


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