Week 38: More slanting autumn light

Another weekend, another Saturday morning walk. After a night-time escapade a few days’ previously, I found myself in bright autumn sunshine with a roll of Tri-x which I was planning to push to 1600. So, stop down heavily and add a yellow filter: half of this weeks’ photographs were taken with this combination. I love how the shadows look on buildings and in the street:


Boulevard Raspail

Now here are some more photographs in Luxembourg (once again) and further down Boulevard Raspail. In Luxembourg, there are beehives, and the fellow in there was explaining the life-cycles of the bees.

And the previous night in Montparnasse I saw this:


A little lost dog at night

And finally at St. Germain:


On the scooter

Next week, a short trip to Toulouse. Thanks !

Here are my previous posts on 52rolls.

Technical notes. Camera: Leica M6 with a Summicron-M 50mm. Film: Tri-X 400/1600 developed in HC110 B @ 6/16 mins.

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