52 Rolls Week 39:52

I wasn’t sure I’d have anything to post…….I was experimenting with films and that means we can’t count on the results.  But on closer inspection my Ilford SFX-200 experiment using an IR 695 Filter  were more successful than I had expected.  Below, Nokhu Crags (12.490 ft, 3807 m) in the Never Summer Range, above Cameron Pass:


We continued to chase Fall Across Northern Colorado along Poudre Canyon and North Park:


The road approaching Nokhu Crags from Cameron Pass (east). And below.  Trees along the Cache La Poudre River (east side of Cameron Pass):




Next Week we will look at color images and another film comparison from the same area.  Fall is fading fast here in Colorado.  Although the high temperature today is in the 70’s F.

Tech Info:  Ilford SFX-200 (infrared sensitive) film, IR 695 Filter with a filter factor of +2 dialed in (probably need +3 next time), Mamiya 6X7 Rangefinder with 43 mm lens.  Developed and scanned by Old School Photo Labs.

4 thoughts on “52 Rolls Week 39:52

  1. Thanks….we make a calendar for our friends every year and this year’s topic is “Peaks and Passes”. My last photo venture to Cameron Pass and the Crags turned out poorly due to not applying enough of filter factor. So we went back this Fall to make images for the Calendar……This one should make the cut.

    I was also pleased with the Ilford SFX-200 results using an IR filter.


  2. Thanks, 2 stops does seem to work….but I’m just experimenting a bit……….I’ll be trying true IR film soon too.


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