The Battery Exchange 5/52

I went to see a friend at his small business.  He was seeking advice.  I had my camera with me as always and after we talked in the garage my eyes wandered and I asked permission to take some photographs.  Mike said it was ok.  One of the technicians came out and enjoyed photography and we chatted about his Nikon and different lens choices for it.  He suggested I go into the dungeon (the basement) for some shots.  I mounted my flash and lo and behold the BATTERIES WERE DEAD!  Luckily I was in the right place for replacements. The old chargers are decades on and still work like a charm.  They are powerful and can charge several batteries at a time.  The tools are shop-worn and true.  What a great little place and I thank Mike for his generosity to allow my intrusion.  The flash shots did not turn out, overexposed.  I am not very adept with flash.  These were shot with a Nikon FE2, 35mm F2 lens, Adox Silvermax.  Developed in Adox Silvermax for 11 minutes at 68 degrees.

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