Week 39: Toulouse

A short trip to Toulouse this week for a meeting at the CNES, the French space agency. A friend remarked to me recently that the CNES  in Toulouse is known for two things: the excellent quality of the canteen, and how hard it is to get inside. There is after all military hardware in there, although all the meetings I have been  have always taken place in a nondescript building about fifteen minutes’ walk from the site entrance. The site is vast and occupies an enormous area outside Toulouse not so far from Airbus and the Toulouse Observatory. Inside the site, there are signs saying “no photography” but they don’t mean film, right? Truth to be told, though, there is not a lot to photograph, on the outside: low buildings and a few satellite dishes.

Another weird thing: after developing and scanning this weeks’ film, I discovered that almost all the photographs I took were in portrait format. What the? Already it was bad enough last week, but this week… Neverthless, here are some photographs I took  around Toulouse, there was still some nice sunshine:


And inside the CNES:


And more slanting light:


About to leave…

That’s it for this week ! Thanks.

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Technical notes. Camera: Leica M6 with a Summicron-M 50mm. Film: Tri-X 400 in HC110 B @ 6 mins.

3 thoughts on “Week 39: Toulouse

  1. I long to see the Toulouse Cathedral. It’s very prominent in Art History as the jewel of Romanesque Architecture. Just don’t know when I’ll be getting back to Europe.

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