Concrete Ruins

The other day I and a bunch of friends explored some concrete ruins.
I brought along a Mamiya Universal (<–example found on Flickr) medium format camera that Dev gave me, and shot about 4 rolls with a 6×7 film back.   (There are other backs, like 6×5 and 6×9).

While the Universal is handy for shooting instant pack film & 120/220, and looks really neat, and is fun to use, …..its a rangefinder, and highly dependent on having the rangefinder calibrated to the lens for accurate focusing.   I also have a few Mamiya Super 23s, and I think none of them are totally accurate.  This is OK if you just stay away from the widest apertures.
Mine has a 100mm f/3.5 lens.  I tried to shoot at f/5.6 or above.
I love using these cameras, but wish they had totally accurate focusing.


4 thoughts on “Concrete Ruins

  1. You can have the focus re-calibrated. You just need to be able to find a good camera repair shop, and that may be a problem.


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