Washington Wedding

A few friends of mine got married a few weeks ago, and I brought along the Fuji GA645Wi.

I was shooting with ISO ~400 film, but the very overcast day, and the Fuji’s maximum aperture of f/4 made it hard to shoot faster than 1/60th.  It would have been easier to shoot if it were sunny.   I used the camera’s flash at night indoors for a few shots.

I couldn’t get the color just right for some of these, so I converted them to black & white.  Someday I’ll learn how to edit color well.



I might have been shooting like this intentionally.


I wish I’d shot more, but everything happened so quickly.  Such are weddings.

3 thoughts on “Washington Wedding

  1. I think the pair at the top in White are the Bride and Groom. A very interesting wedding party. I have a wedding to attend the last week of the year. Maybe I’ll make that my final post…….


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