Week 36: Not for LandLubbers

So this is my first post to introduce my new (old) camera the Yashica Mat 124G.  I took a little walk and shot a roll of Fujifilm Neopan 400cn.  This is a C-41 film.

First quick impressions of the camera.  I love it. Oh you want to know some more ok then.

It is very simple to use, I loaded the film as per the instructions and wound it on to number 1.  It has a working meter so setting the ASA to 400 out I went.

I was not ready or expecting what happened next.  Looking through the viewfinder my first impression was I love the way you can compose your 6×6 image but then……..then OMG I tried to move the composition to the left a bit, it went the wrong way in the screen, so I moved it the other way, no wait not that way, hang on which way is real.  Then trying to straighten the horizon, wait…what, what was going on.  By now my head was starting to spin, I no longer knew what was real and which way was left.

I eventually managed to take the pictures, then went back to my work desk where I spent the afternoon in a complete daze and with the worst headache ever.

Firstly, the pictures are as below, nothing special composition or metering wise, in fact a few (shot into the Sun) were blown out but none the less the camera works and a glass lens is so much better than a plastic one.

I will keep on as I really want to keep this as my medium format camera, in fact I have now shot a second roll and it was not nearly as bad.



3 thoughts on “Week 36: Not for LandLubbers

  1. Excellent! My first ‘real’ TLR was a Yashica-12, I now run a Rolleiflex 2.8F. But seriously the Yashica TLRs are great cameras and yes the waist level finder is a bit weird at first, I just don’t recommend using them with a hangover.


  2. Getting used to the Yashica, or any TLR, is a bitch. But the pictures are so great once you do. I just found the thing too bulky and awkward and got rid of it. Which i now, of course, regret. Keep on!


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