FED2 and 15mm lens

A few weeks ago Todd gave me a FED2, which is a totally affordable rangefinder that you can find on ebay.   I already had a 15mm Voigtlander f/4.5 lens which can screw onto it.   This 15mm lens is fun to use because it makes zone focusing easy.  Most of the focusing ring movement range is devoted to things closer than 2 feet.  Then a little portion is for stuff that’s further than 2 feet away.  Even at the widest aperture,  f/4.5.   So once you set your focus, you don’t have to think about it as long as anything is further than 2 feet away.

My friend Kate is vising from Dubai, where she’s teaching photography classes.  We met up at Seattle’s Pike Place market for coffee, donuts, and random shooting.   Along with another photo buddy, Lawrence.

I was shooting with ISO 400 film, but it was overcast.  So according to my phone’s light meter, I should be shooting at 1/25th of a second.    Which made some of my shots blurry, but the look of those matched the mood of the day.   I like how they’re shaky.


Goofing off.  She got one of the new Moment Lens sets.  Its pretty impressive.  Great build quality and sharpness.



Rachel the pig. Tourists pose with it.


Like all camera/lens combos, I want to shoot with this more.   Super fun.

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