Week 37: Analogue on Analogue

This week I shot a roll of expired Kodak Porta 800 in the Yashica Mat 124 G.  Being indoors I used a tripod.

I wanted to try and recreate the shots I had seen when people photograph their record collection.

it was an interesting experiment as firstly the meter in the Mat 124 only goes to 400asa.  As it was expired film I was generally ok with this but to check I also set the meter in my Olympus OM1 to 800 to compare the speed and aperture settings.

So below are the results, they have been adjusted (WB, crop and some highlights etc) the main learning is firstly I need to stop rushing, I should have noticed the reflection from the ceiling light.  Secondly I really need to work on my focussing!!

Here are the best of the bunch:


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