52 Rolls Week 40:52

Twelve More Postings to go for this year’s project…….This week we visit with The Ancient Ones @ Aztec Ruins:


Formerly the Anasazi, but we learned on this trip that Native Americans in the region (some of whom are undoubtably descendants of these people) prefer the term ‘Ancient Ones’. I make it a practice to call people by the name they (or their descendants) have chosen for themselves.


The main attraction at Aztec Ruins (a misnomer given the site by American Pioneers who assumed these people had to be Aztec related).  This is a World Heritage Site as part of the Chaco Canyon Culture.  Above, the interior of the Great Kiva, that was reconstructed by Hopi Craftsman in the 1930’s.  Site like this are now stabilized and rarely ‘reconstructed’.  But Archeologists back then had different guidelines.



This person wasn’t moving anytime soon, so I just included him. Yes I can Photoshop him out, but for now,  posting the unadulterated image.


Tech Info: Ilford Delta 400 (pushed to 800), Mamiya 7 with 43 mm lens, developed and scanned by Old School Photo Lab.

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