Collaboration 6/52

This week’s post is a collaboration with my daughter and her three friends.  Each used a film camera for the first time.  They are second year law students and the extent of their photography tends to come from the iPhone.  They all were eager to try film.   One had a Yashica T4, another a Nikon FM3A, the third an Olympus Om2n and my daughter Marguerite had a Canon Canonet rangefinder.  The Canonet is as of this past week on the first leg of a long journey.  It is in New Zealand 0n a tour around the world. The Canonet is named in memory of my dear daughter Victoria and will be used by 35 photographers around the world as a project promoting flu vaccination awareness. It is fitting that Marguerite her sister shot the last roll before Victoria’s departure.  Her shot of our beloved dog Dukie is my favorite among all of these.   I took a few shots with my Nikon FE2 and finished one of the girls’ rolls on the way home on the docks.  It was a great day and good to see these accomplished young women gain an appreciation for shooting film.  They now have the Yashica and three rolls of TriX and are each doing a “day in the life” project depicting the daily grind of a law student.  I look forward to what they express.  This project will return to me alone next week.  I am shooting a roll of Portra and it has been in the camera for over a week.  Time has been in short supply and I find I shoot less frames when I do use the camera.  Hopefully the varied roll will turn out ok.

9 thoughts on “Collaboration 6/52

    • Thank you so much. The best part was the process with them. Handing them the cameras, giving basic instructions. I set the cameras to Automatic to keep things as simple as possible.


  1. It’s wonderful that you inspired 3 young ladies to try photography. I’m sure this won’t be the last time they pick a camera up, thanks to you. Nancy


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