Week 40: In the North, in Durham

This week, a short trip to Durham, England for a meeting. This was for a meeting I was organising, so alas I didn’t have  very much time for photographs. Essentially half an hour or so between dawn and breakfast on the first day. I ran out of our hotel, the excellent B&B The Victoria, and took a few quick pictures of the cathedral. For those that may not know, Durham has the largest Norman cathedral in Europe. It is a vast structure which is more than 1000 years old. When I arrived, there was some wonderful light streaming in through the rose window. But lack of coffee meant that I forgot one of film photography’s golden rules (expose for the shadows, develop for the highlights).  But it still looks nice I think.  Here are my pictures of the cathedral, including the famous door-knocker.

And here my pictures of the Victoria Inn, the pub where we stayed, an excellent pub with great bitter !

I would like to have had some time to photograph in the center of Durham – and the people ! But perhaps next time…

Next week, Paris at night !

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Technical notes. Camera: Leica M6 with a Summicron-M 50mm. Film: Tri-X 400/1600 developed in HC110 B @ 6/16 mins.

3 thoughts on “Week 40: In the North, in Durham

  1. Since I praised the Cathedral of Toulouse, I should also mention that Art History regards Durham Cathedral as the English Gem of Norman (i.e. Romanseque) Architecture. And I did get to see Durham Cathedral twice when I lived in Britain.


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