Roll 37 Family Time

You might have noticed over the course of the year that I don’t photograph people much, except on the street. Portraiture, except for occasional self portraiture studies, is not something I feel comfortable with. However, in this week I had a chance to hang out with most of my little family and decided to take some pictures of the kids. I generally don’t take a lot of film photos of the family as I feel awkward dragging my antiques along, but this time I decided to shoot a roll anyway.

We took all the little guys to a playground at the beach near where my daughter and her family were staying while visiting. My other daughter and her family came for the day. The kids always have so much fun together, it was easy to grab some candid shots. I was shooting with my favorite child the Nikon FE and Ilford HP5, a good film for the conditions.


I had a lot of fun trying to capture some of the action, which isn’t easy when your subjects range in age from 0 to 6!


Enough cuteness. Next week, back to more usual fare.

3 thoughts on “Roll 37 Family Time

  1. Don’t worry, Heather says the same thing about me when it comes to my photography, that I don’t shoot people as much, I’m trying to get better!

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