52 Rolls Week 41:52

Ute Mountain


This week we visit Ute Mountain Tribal Park.


This was the focus of our Photography Club’s trip to Cortez, Colorado.  There are dozens of Cliff Dwellings on the the Ute Mountain Reservation and the Tribe has established a Park to protect these sites while providing controlled access to them.  We were able to walk through the Porcupine Cliff Dwelling but I only had my digital camera (too much gear to carry up and down the access ladders), so you can see those images posting here as ‘The Ancient Ones‘ over the coming week.


We walked around the rim of Lion’s Canyon which has several Cliff Dwellings.  All were a part of the Mesa Verde Community.



We plan on coming back next year to have a private tour of Lion’s Canyon (above) and explore the Cliff Dwellings hidden here.


Above, part of their water collection system, taking advantage of natural formations.  If you look closely there is a small dam at the edge of the cliff.

Historical Note: The Weminuche (Southern Ute) Tribe are the only Native Colorado Tribe that still has land within the State of Colorado.   Other Tribes, such as the Arapaho, Pawnee, Ogallala (Lakota), Kiowa, Apache, Arikaree were removed.  Their presence in  Colorado is remembered only in the names of the Indian Peaks, which I see daily as I drive around the Front Range.

Tech Info: Mamiya 7 with 43 mm lens, Ilford Delta 400 Film with orange filter; developed and scanned by Old School Photo Labs.


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