7/52 Rambling with Portra

I struggle with color film.  This roll of Portra 400 was loaded into my beautiful Leica M3.  It has the retractable 50mm lens.  This lens is prone to being fogged and the glass can be very soft but mine is in perfect condition 50 some odd years later.  I carried the camera with me during the week and at very varied times snapped off these images.   I largely shot them at 200 but for the interior shots.  I am getting lots of streaking on my negatives.  I have used a squeegee in the past but found I was getting scratches so now I use my fingers, not working.  I have several rolls of 120 ready for development and think I will surrender and take them to the lab.  Printmakers in Pawtucket RI will develop each roll for under $4.  The featured image is of me with Eugene Amelio on his 90th birthday.  He holds a special place in my heart.  He is a brilliant lawyer and has been my mentor and is a true hero.  He served in WW II on the troop transport ships in the Pacific theater.   His right arm is marred from fuel burns caused by a Kamikaze crashing into the deck of his ship.  He has some experiences from the war with me, often crying.  He told me of the bedraggled Marines returning to the ship after battle on Iwo Jima and other Japanese islands.  They had survived a terrible hell.  They would be stripped of their clothing and put below-decks for fear they would use the clothing to harm themselves.   Johnny Pesky visited his ship under sail to exercise the Marines on the deck.  The Marines did not have much good to say to the Navy boys.  Gene returned after the war and bought a car with friends to travel across the country from California, returning home to New England.  He attended Providence College, taking classes in old Quonset Huts on campus under the GI Bill.  He then worked for the Internal Revenue Service as counsel in Washington before joining our firm in 1980.  He is a proud Italian.  When he is alone in his office it sounds like there are 6 people in it.  A true gentleman and hero.

3 thoughts on “7/52 Rambling with Portra

    • Thank you so much. I went without a light meter for the first time. I got tired of its tedium. The Leica is good hand-held at pretty slow shutter speeds as long as I have my sea legs under me. I tried overexposing but could have done a bit more I think. But I like you love the colors of Portra. It is a finicky film that I am trying to learn along with a myriad of other things.


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