Roll 8/52 Japan, the great escape part 4


The reason behind 52 rolls is to enhance your skills, maybe try new film and different ways to process it to push the boundaries. It certainly taken me on  new road!
Agfa vista 400 pushed to 800; for a consumer film, hats off, not much colour shift, none too dark shadows, all in all a great little tool to have in you arsenal. To be honest, if comparing whilst pushed, im almost slightly preferring it to portra 400.

Give it a go!



Miyamisu Mitake shrine






5 thoughts on “Roll 8/52 Japan, the great escape part 4

  1. I like the feel of the images. Agfa Vista in Nik software suite is what pushed me to start shooting film. I was always converting to this “film” in digital, the 100 speed version. I have never used it in a film camera and will try to purchase some….

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    • Thanks, im keen to try the different range of agfa myself to see what the results would be. Im glad i got what i did out of the film as it was a gamble on my part. As a word of caution, im noticing the film doesn’t tolerate underexposure. Notice the second image, even pushed that was – 1ev under exposed from memory, and it hasnt the range to do shade well.


    • They were placed as protectors hence placed directly in front of the shrine and furthermore in olden times were themselves worshipped as gods. Seeing everything was in Japanese, i will have to trust the internet for this que.


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